Lịch phát sóng Disney Channel thứ 6 ngày 20-1-2017

GiờChương trình
00:00Zig & Sharko
Zig & Sharko
01:00The Replacements
Extra Credit
01:30The Replacements
Perfect Date, The / Serf's Up
Hamsterviel's Epic Secret
Very Stinky Christmas, A
03:00The Pink Panther
Pinkazuma's Revenge/ Pinky Down Under
03:30The Pink Panther
Lifestyles Of The Pink And Famous/ Happy Trails Pinky
04:00Fish Hooks
Principal Bea
04:30Fish Hooks
South Pafishic/ Assignment: Babies
05:00Phineas And Ferb
Just Passing Through/ Candace's Big Day
05:30Phineas And Ferb
Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C./ Voyage To The Bottom Of Buford
06:00Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Pluto's Best
06:30Goldie & Bear
Tooth About Jack & Jill, The/ Pig Problems
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07:00Doc Mcstuffins
Hooty's Duty/ Cure For A King, A
07:30Sofia The First
Secret Library, The: Olaf And The Tale Of Miss Nettle
08:00Captain Jake And The Never Land Pirates
Attack Of The Pirate Piranhas/ March Of The Lava Monster
08:30Miles From Tomorrowland
Galactic Fair,The/Unfair Getaway
09:00The Lion Guard
Beware The Zimwi
09:30Upin & Ipin
Upin & Ipin
10:30Phineas And Ferb
Phineas And Ferb
11:30Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers
To The Rescue Pt. 3
12:00The 7D
Family Pickles, The/ Chicken Soup For The Troll
12:30Sofia The First
Two To Tangu
13:00Elena Of Avalor
Model Sister
13:30Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil
Game O Flags/Girls' Day Out
14:00The 7D
The 7D
14:50The Owl & Co
Swiss Family Owl'Binson
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15:00Kid Vs Kat
Cheeks Of Evil/ Reap It And Weep
15:30Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
16:00Haunted Tales
Haunted Tales
16:30Upin & Ipin
Upin & Ipin
17:30Elena Of Avalor
Royal Retreat
18:00The Oddbods Show
Super Zeroes
18:10Phineas And Ferb
Phineas And Ferb
20:00The Emperor's New Groove
The Emperor's New Groove
21:30Line Town
Line Town
22:30Best Friends Whenever
Girl Code
23:00Star Wars Rebels
Steps Into Shadow: Part 2
23:30Phineas And Ferb
Excaliferb Part 1 And 2